Dispensing groups

Multi-user columns and industrial columns


electric pump 70 l/min. (mod.4650) and 90 l/min. (mod.4690) at 220V.
electric pump 70 l/min. (mod.4650) and 90 l/min. (mod.4690) at 220V. Management of up to 80 users.
electric pump 70 l/min. (mod.4650) and 90 l/min. (mod.4690) at 220V. Management of up to 80 users, dedicated PC software

Industrial column MID

Stainless steel structure pump with flow rate 50/80/130 litres/min. Mechanical or electronic head. Pulser for connection to the management system.
Fiscal liter counter. Possibility of double dispensing version. Possibility of combining the DIESELWEB management system, the equipment is the structure for collecting data relating to refueling and allows you to manage consumption.
Authorized access permitted only to holders of an identification key.
Independent system thanks to the complete autonomy of the GSM/GPRS technology installed.

LAG 14ER Leak Detection Unit

Device type approved by the M.I. and functioning by filling the cavity of the tank with water mixed with glycol (antifreeze) and connected externally to the control unit which has the function of visually and acoustically signaling any leakage of the liquid caused by the presence of leaks in the tank. Filling the cavity with water and glycol is the user’s responsibility.

EUROVAC Leak Detection Unit

Vacuum leak detector for continuous monitoring of the tank cavity. The instrument generates a depression of approx. 400 mbar, keeping it constant by means of a built-in suction pump. When a leak occurs, the depression is canceled giving rise to an optical/acoustic alarm signal.

Anti-spillage wells

Made of UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene. Designed for simplicity in assembly and maintenance, always guaranteeing a perfect hermetic seal.

Radar sensor for continuous level measurement

Continuous level management system

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