Integrated Fire Prevention Systems

The fire prevention systems branded RIGHETTO SERBATOI are manufactured in full compliance with the current regulations UNI 11292/19-UNI EN 12845/20-UNI 10779/21. These systems represent an ideal solution as they are supplied complete with all the necessary elements (technical compartment, pumping unit and water reserve), providing the customer with a SINGLE certification for the entire system. Old fire-prevention systems used the pressure of water supplied by aqueducts, but this is no longer feasible, and therefore the need arose to have water reserves capable of autonomously feeding all water extinguishing systems. Righetto Serbatoi has designed a series of integrated systems for fire-prevention use consisting of several elements assembled together in full compliance with the regulations in order to create a finished product in every part with a single CE certification, simple to install with the only requirement being to connect the product to the electrical and hydraulic utilities. The variety of types proposed is sufficient to meet all the needs that may be required in both civil and industrial settings, and they are perfectly compliant with the requirements indicated in UNI 11292/19.