Sound reliability

The advantage of a well established group set up in 1988 by bringing together two leading companies in the field of steel processing. The reliability of a pure manufacturing company: Righetto Serbatoi design and manufacture all their storage tanks, silos and settling tanks.
All products, designed for various applications and sectors, take shape in the workshops in Altavilla Vicentina. We are one of the few companies on the market able to offer directly from the factory such a wide range of products and solutions. We also specialize in the design and production of customized products for the storage, transportation of fuels and several types of liquids, for the dismissal and refueling, besides the integrated fire fighting systems.

The reliability of the CE mark and the specific standards of the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport and Navigation. Righetto offers the highest safety and functionality standards, studied specifically for every project.

The company headquarters have a production area of 3600 m², 700 m² of technical and administrative offices and 3400 m² outdoor area, with a photovoltaic plant by 183KW.

Human resources are important

The company has always believed in the importance of human resources, as the skills of each individual result in a team effort which leads to the company’s continuous growth.
Righetto Serbatoi  employees provide their personal qualities, in terms of experience, professionalism and ideas, every single day, and the company relies on them to offer the  customers with new solutions, efficient service and the best possible products. Only someone who cultivates individual skills can understand the value and the specific needs of every customer and offer them a true personalization of the product.

No compromise

The utmost attention is put in the construction details and the selection of control and safety devices and accessories. And most important, there is Righetto total guarantee: each tank is tested and homologated individually.

The protection of quality

The external protection layer of the inner and outer walls of our fuel tanks make them extremely well sealed and solid.
Thanks to the use of modern and state of art production plants, each Righetto Serbatoi tank is guaranteed against the harm of environmental agents.

We only use products with low solvent percentage, and our factory has a system for rain water recovery feeding the painting plant. This ensures that our staff work in a safe and clean environment and help us save precious water!