In compliance with the new EU legislation (ref.Euro 4 and Euro 5) for the reduction of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in the environment, many vehicles’ manufacturers provide their diesel vehicles with a new technology named SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which adds a blend of water and urea called “ADBLUE” to the exhaust gas. This water-based solution of pure urea (32,5% of purity) transforms Nitrogen Oxide in Nitrogen (N2) and Water (H2O) in gaseous state.


The Adblue, though nontoxic, has to be stored in stainless steel or polyethylene tanks. Our Company offers a whole range of products suitable for the AdBlue storage: different solutions are available, such as underground or above ground, fitted with dispensing unit.


Aboveground Tanks

Available are from 1000 liters up to 10.000 liters.

Above ground tank, horizontal axe, available for models 2000-3000-5000 lts, equipped with fuel dispenser unit in box.
Above ground tank, vertical axe, available for 10.000 lts, version, equipped with fuel dispenser unit in box.

Technical Features for Aboveground Tank

2000 LT 1250 1320 2200 HORIZ.
3000 LT 1450 1520 2400 HORIZ
5000 LT 1730 1920 2500 HORIZ
10000 LT 2460 2600 VERT

AdBlue’s dispensing unit features: 220V/50HZ self-priming electrically driven pump, digital flow meter, 4mts supply hose, automatic nozzle.

Version equipped with Cube dispenser mod.4570MK with software for users’ management.

Standard version with dispenser in box

AdBlue tanks available in several versions

Version equipped with Cube dispenser mod.4570MK with software for users’ management

Version equipped with standard dispenser in box and steel drip tray


AdBlue Dispenser

AdBlue heated tank with dispensers have galvanized steel structure and double walled insulated panels in pre-painted steel and floor in steel sheet. Includes a polyethylene storage tank or stainless steel AISI 304 one, suction pump in AISI 304 and hose reel. Several additional accessories are available on request.


Transportable Tanks for AdBlue

Polyethylene transportable tank for AdBLUE, in total exemption from ADR regulation. The linear polyethylene guarantees the utmost compactness, strength and lightness.

  • Capacity 220 – 430 liters.
  • The tank is fitted with filler with air vent.
  • 12V or 24V pump with a discharge of 40 lts/min.
  • 4 mt flexible rubber hose with manual or automatic nozzle.
  • Crocodile clips for battery connection.
  • Cover with key operated lock.
  • Handles for manual lift while empty and spaces for forklift forks when it is full.
  • Digital in-line flow meter (on request).

Accessories for the TOP version: digital in-line flow meter

Model LT A B H
POLIBLU 230 TS 220 800 600 700
POLIBLU 440 TS 430 800 1200 700