Outdoor AdBlue tank

AdBlue storage tanks above ground and complete with dispensing group.

Technical features

In reference to the new European directives (Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards) aimed at reducing the emission of exhaust gases (nitrogen oxide NOx) into the atmosphere, the various vehicle manufacturers have equipped their diesel-powered vehicles with a technology called SCR. The aforementioned SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) consists in spraying a mixture of water and urea called “ADBLUE” into the exhaust gas flow. This high purity aqueous urea solution, at a concentration of 32 .5%, acts through chemical reduction, transforms nitrogen oxides into nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) in gaseous elemental form.

Customize your tank with the various options available:

  • containment basin
  • insulated box with heater
  • dispenser with multi-user management and software
  • Outdoor AdBlue tank, with horizontal axis, available for 2000-3000-5000 liter models, complete with cassette dispensing unit.
  • Outdoor AdBlue tank, with vertical axis, available for the 10,000 liter model, complete with cassette dispensing unit.
  • Dispenser: 220V/50HZ electric pump, digital liter counter, 4 m of dispensing hose, automatic gun.
Dimensions Horizontal Version
Capacity (ltr) Ø (mm)Lenght (mm)Height (mm)
Dimensione Versione Verticale
Capacity (ltr) Ø (mm)Height (mm)

AdBlue dispensing unit features: 220V/50HZ electric pump, digital liter counter, 4 m of dispensing hose, automatic gun.

Our projects

Version with Cube mod.4570Mk complete with user management software

Version with standard dispensing group in cassette and iron containment basin

Choose the version with insulated box, containment basin, ventilation grills and heater

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