Double chamber underground tanks

Double chamber underground and above ground tank, equipped with identification plate showing the serial number. Made of premium EN10025 S235JR carbon steel.

Technical features

  • Manhole with dimensions and connections that vary depending on use;
  • Reinforcing rings of the cavity;
  • Connections for cavity control;
  • Lifting eyebolts;
  • Grounding connection;
  • Support saddles (for above ground version);
  • Anti-spill socket (ideal for burial in driveway areas);
  • Anti-spill pit complete with hinged lid (ideal for burial in walkable areas);
  • External protection with 800 micron thick Endoprene coating. (for underground version);
  • External tarred coating (for underground version);
  • External covering painted with two-component acrylic enamel (for above-ground version);
  • Internal lining available on request depending on use;
  • On request, control unit for liquid (mod LAG14) or vacuum leak detection (mod.Eurovac);
  • The compartmentalized version with multiple compartments is available on request.
CapacityInternal Ø (mm).Ø (mm) externalBase (mm)Thickness (mm) internalThickness (mm) externalWeight kg)
100095098018503 mm3 mm335
20001270133018503 mm3 mm460
30001430146022503 mm3 mm602
30001430146022504 mm3 mm705
30001430146022504 mm4 mm820
40001430146028504 mm3 mm 1020
50001430146034504 mm4 mm1180
50001430146034505 mm4 mm1300
50001430146034505 mm5 mm1470
60001600163034504 mm4 mm1320
70001700173034505 mm4 mm1573
80001800183034505 mm 4 mm1710
90001900193034505 mm4 mm1800
100002000203034505 mm4 mm1920
100002000203034505 mm5 mm2219
150002000203049505 mm4 mm2695
150002000203049505 mm5 mm2948
200002300233050505 mm5 mm3420
200002300233050506 mm5 mm3750
250002300233062505 mm5 mm4295
250002300233062506 mm5 mm4694
300002300233075505 mm5 mm5050
300002300233075506 mm5 mm 5520
350002500253075506 mm4 mm5420
350002500253075006 mm5 mm5930
400002500253085506 mm4 mm6150
400002500253085506 mm5 mm6730
5000025002530105506 mm4 mm7350
6000025002530125006 mm4 mm8350
7000030003030106006 mm4 mm9200
8000030003030121006 mm4 mm10500

Examples of Use

  • Automotive.
  • Chemical products.
  • Stoccaggio olii lubrificanti.
  • Storage of lubricating oils.
  • Heating fuels.
  • all polluting liquids
  • Processing water recovery
  • Cogeneration
  • Self-energy

Product details

Basement sump for green area

Water table eyebolt

Underground potting extension

Manhole with attachments

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