Approved transportable fuel tanks

Fuel transport tanks, available capacity from 250 to 990 litres.
Approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport pursuant to the ADR agreement on large packaging for the bulk transport of dangerous goods in liquid state, with approval issued by the Motor Vehicle Testing Center of Brescia. Each tank is tested and approved individually by an authorized certification body.
Made of first choice carbon steel type EN10025 S235JR and treated externally with a layer of anti-rust and a finishing enamel.
Frame made of sturdy steel tubing, protects the tank from possible impacts during transport, lifting or in the event of overturning.

Our company organizes the GIR periodic audit service cyclically in accordance with the ADR regulation.

Technical features

Built with horizontal axis (mod. 710 lt / 990 lt) and vertical axis (mod. 250 lt / 310 lt / 440 lt). Submerged arc welding ensures maximum resistance. Inside the tank, complete the flow-breaking bulkhead (on horizontal models) and lifting eyebolts even when fully loaded.

  • Made of first choice carbon steel type EN10025 S235JR
  • Cassette dispenser: self-priming pump 40 li / min, 12 V motor, liter counter for private use with resettable partial and progressive totalizer, rubber dispensing hose d. 3/4" with pressure fittings, length 4mt, automatic nozzle with swivel fitting
  • Internal breakwater bulkheads (in models CD710TS, CD990TS);
  • Hatch for internal inspection Æ 350 mm.;
  • Double-acting approved safety valve;
  • Æ 3" loading mouth with quick lockable closure;
  • 1" external suction connection equipped with 1" non-return valve, 1" ball cock and 1" galvanized steel pipe for connection to the dispensing group with flexible terminal in 1" R1 pipe;
  • External painting with primer layer and finishing coat of enamel.
ModelLtBase (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Kg
CD 250 TS25080010901000135
CD 310 TS31080010901150144
CD 440 TS44095012401100160
ModelLtBase (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Kg
CD 710 TS71092018901150215
CD 990 TS990107018901300246

Transportable Tank Cabin
Made of first choice carbon steel type EN10025 S235JR and equipped with a painted 110% capacity containment basin. Sealed welded, complete with lockable upper access hatch and lockable door on the side of the dispensing group.

  • Ideal solution to be positioned on the ground on construction sites.
  • Possibility of creating an internal compartment for small equipment.
  • Safe solution against theft.
  • Ideal for powering generators on construction sites..
  • Compatible with models: CD 440 TS – CD 710 TS – CD 990 TS. Solution applicable on mobile tank mod. CD10
  • Lifting eyebolts
  • Padlockable top cover
  • Door with handle and lock on the brewing group
  • Total drain hose.

Product details

Manhole ø 350 with airtight gasket. Complete with 3" loading mouth with quick-closing cap, double-acting safety valve and melting cap.

Suction connection with ball shut-off valve, metal mesh filter for easy maintenance, non-return valve.

A metal plate is applied to each tank which shows the serial number and the approval details.

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