Righetto Service

With the aim of providing an increasingly specialized service attentive to customer needs, the Righetto Group created Righetto Service srl, a company specialized in the assistance and maintenance of integrated fire prevention systems.

The Consolidated Law establishes that suitable fire extinguishing means and systems must be provided in the workplace and that these means and systems must be kept in good working order and checked at least once every six months by expert personnel.

Maintenance interventions and checks on fire protection systems and equipment, as specified by the UNI EN 12845/2020 Regulation and by the Ministerial Decree. 20/11/2012, must be carried out in accordance with the provisions issued by national or European standardization bodies (UNI/EN): as regards fire extinguishing systems with sprinkler systems or hydrant networks, the European standard establishes that the The user of the system must carry out a program of inspection and checks on a quarterly basis which, in the case of the presence of endothermic engines (motor pumps), also involves carrying out a complete service once a year.

All this must be documented, registered and must be performed by contract by a qualified company with the relevant specific qualifications ranging from the electrical to the mechanical and motor parts.

Please remember that failure to apply current health and safety legislation provides for heavy criminal and administrative sanctions.

To meet the need to keep the fire extinguishing system efficient, with adequate supervision and the necessary checks carried out by expert personnel, we are able to offer our customers a package for periodic checks on a quarterly basis, which includes a training session for the plant manager.

For further information and to evaluate a proposal for a maintenance contract for the fire prevention system, simply send a request to the email info@righettoservice.com