Pressurization Group (VERTICAL TURBINE PUMPS)

Complies with the standards: UNI EN 12845/15 – UNI 11292 – UNI 10779

Pressurization group for fire-fighting service with vertical axis pumps pre-assembled on a single or modular base and with immersed pump body, shaft line and surface control group compliant with EN 12845. The pumping groups installed inside the technical spaces , are made in compliance with the UNI EN 12845 regulation and are complete with every accessory capable of making the entire system intervene automatically if water supply is requested. In standard setups the groups can be made up of one or more electric or diesel pumps (main pumps) and a pilot compensation electric pump.

Technical features

Standard equipment with electric pump and motor pump

  • Biflanged steel manifold.
  • Flanged shut-off valves with lockable control lever.
  • Pressure switch test circuit.
  • Double pump starting pressure switch.
  • Electrical command and control panel.
  • Inspectable clapet check valve.
  • Anti-vibration joint.
  • Recirculation circuit for cooling pumps at zero flow.
  • Flow indicator.
  • bell with elastic joint or cardan (motor pump only).
  • Spacer joint that connects motor to pump, easily opened with protective casing.
  • Diesel engine with water/water heat exchanger cooling system (if power ≥ 30 kW) (motor pump) and 2 starter batteries (motor pump).
  • Fuel tank with 6 hours of autonomy with collection tank and level indicator (motor pump).
  • Connection for flow meter circuit.
  • Externally self-ventilated closed three-phase asynchronous electric motor with squirrel cage rotor.
  • Vertical axis electric pump with immersed pump body complete with strainer, stainless steel pump shaft complete with bearings.

In our pump rooms it is possible to insert all the solutions of fire-fighting pressurization units.

  • Installation of a suction pump group usually with suctions brought directly to the outside with flanged connections and priming tanks for the pressurization pumps
  • Installation of subhead pump group with suctions directly brought outside with flanged connections to connect the external, horizontal or vertical water reserve
  • Installation of vertical axis pump groups (Vertical Turbine Pumps) with provision for opening roof for insertion of vertical axes on site
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