Wasted Oil Tank

Tanks, Boxes and drum storage structure, for the storage and distribution of oils. Made of top quality carbon EN10025 S235JR steel.
Realized in compliance with Ministerial Decree no. 392 dated 16.05.96 and Legislative Decree no. 22 dated 05.02.97.



Wasted Oil Tank


On horizontal cylindrical axes, fitted on support brackets, with lifting hooks (for use with tanks empty) and earthing connection.
Equipped with manhole with hinged lockable cover with removable grille to drip the filters and mechanical level gauge.
Finished externally with spray paint.
An automatic filling version with an electric pump is available on request.

100% Drip Tray

With a self-supporting frame fixed to the tank feet. Suitable for installation on any type of ground. Designed to hold 100% of the total tank capacity. Finished externally with spray paint.

Protective roof available on request.

Technical Features of Wasted Oil Tank

490 LT 750 1200 1000 1400 360
750 LT 950 1200 1150 1500 450
1000 LT 950 1700 1150 1900 510
1500 LT 1100 1700 1300 1900 600
2000 LT 1270 1750 1350 2000 750
3000 LT 1430 2060 1700 2400 750



For lubrificant, outfitted for all type of transport’s demand. Complete with drip tray, galvanized walkable grating and air vent grills. It is suitable a double version: with panels realize with galvanized sheeting or with insulated panels, in both versions it is available a lockable sliding access door or front opening. On request, box service suitable for fire resistance requirement as REI 60 or REI 120. Product made with material suitable for storage of tank for oil and waste oil in accordance with regulations in force: Dlgs n.22 05/02/1997 – legge Ronchi – D.M. n.392 del 16/05/96, allegato C.

Box Service Galvanized Sheeting

Box sevice with sliding doors

Box service with front door

3 MT. 2,4 MT 2 MT
4 MT. 2,4 MT 2,3 MT
5 MT. 2,4 MT 2,3 MT
6 MT. 2,4 MT 2,3 MT
Box Service Insulated Panels

Box sevice with sliding doors

Box service with front door

3 MT. 2,4 MT 2,4 MT
4 MT. 2,4 MT 2,4 MT
5 MT. 2,4 MT 2,4 MT
6 MT. 2,4 MT 2,4 MT

Double skinned container for collection and storage of waste oils. Made in polyethylene for higher mechanical and chemical property, it is possible to place it also outside and on any type of surface.

Techical Characteristics:
  • Capacity lt. 500
  • Dia. 1.010 x h. 1.330 mm.
  • Hermetic lid.
  • Hermetic manhole.
  • Level gauge
  • Removable drip filter grill (designed according to Italian rules as D.M. 392/96).
  • 100% recyclable polyethylene converter (external bounding tank and inner tank).


Drum Storage Pallets

Pallets for the storage of drums made of 2.5 mm painted steel, watertight welding, with extractable galvanised steel support grille, and brackets for support and lifting by forklift trucks and pallet trucks.

Storage capacities: 220, 300, 500 and 700 litres..

1000 x 850 x 350h cm
1 vertical drum

820 x 600 x 350h cm
1 horizontal drums

1400 x 1400 x 350h cm
4 drum vert. – 4 oriz.

1400 x 850 x 350h cm
2 drum vert. – 2 oriz.

1200 x 600 x 350h cm
2 horizontal drums

2000 x 1400 x 350h cm
6 drum vert. – 6 oriz.

Storage Containers

Containers with CE certification. Manufactured to various sizes and fitted out as requested.