The FIREFIGHTING SYSTEMS marked RIGHETTO SERBATOI are manufactured in the total respect of the regulations in force UNI EN 11292 – ENI EN 12845/15 – UNI 10779. Those systems represents an ideal solution because they are equipped with all its required components (technical room, pumping units and water storage tank),to guarantee to the Customer a ALL-IN-ONE Certification of the complete system.

Most of the firefighting systems currently installed, which use the pressure of the water systems, are outdated and do no longer comply with the most recent norms, and it is now necessary to create independent water storage units, able to autonomously supply water to all water fire fighting systems.
Righetto Serbatoi design a wide range of integrated fire fighting systems, assembled in full compliance with the most recent norms, with the aim of achieving a single system with its complete CE certificate, easy to install and ready for the connection to the electric and water systems.
The variety of versions offered is sufficient to satisfy all requirements in civil and industrial use, and in full compliance with UNI 11292 norm.

Technical room for pumping unit

The technical room is made in accordance with the law rules UNI 11292- paragraph 5, with fire resistance features R60, free space to allow a possible work ( h.2400 mm internal, free space of 800mm on the three sides of the pumps) and ventilation grid sized as specified in regulation UNI 11292 – paragraph 5.4. The technical room is equipped of pumping unit and auxiliary components provided from the regulations in force.


The external coating for the underground systems are made in endoprene, minimal thickness 800 micron, ideal to protect the tank from adverse weather conditions (example stray current) in accordance with EN 12285 -1:03. For the aboveground systems an acrylic catalyzed painting is provided, thickness 100/120 micron. The internal coating is made in epossicatramina, medium thickness 150 micron.

Underground Systems

The integrated outdoor firefighting systems are an effective and ideal solution, thanks to the easiness of installation and maintenance procedures.
In particular, only a flat concrete supporting base is required for the installation, and its dimensions should be determined by a qualified technician.
Maintenance is a simple process as the tank and its connections are clearly visible from the outside and the pump compartment is accessible, therefore all requested inspections can be easily carried out.

Mod. VPS Underground

Underground system complete with a water storage tank, a technical room and open entrance hall from the
outside, with handrail and staircase.

Mod. VPL Underground

Underground system with flooded suction installation, complete with a water storage tank, an extended technical
room with double stairway, landing and outside access room.

Mod. BTS - BTS VERTICAL Underground

System composed of an outside R 60 box and underground water storage tank.

Mod.BTS: installation available with standard suction line features system or vertical pumps (vertical turbine pumps) in flooded suction system.

Mod.BTS VERTICAL: Preassembled group on a unique or modular base, depending on the model, including a main electric driven vertical turbine pump, supplied separately, coupled with an electric driven motor, and its power is calculated calculating the maximum pump consumption.

Mod. CABI/SM Underground

System composed by underground water storage tank equipped with submerged pumps and aboveground box.

Firefighting Systems Catalogue

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    Aboveground Systems

    The integrated fire fighting systems are an ideal and effective solution should an above-ground installation not be possible due to lack of space.
    This system can be installed underneath traffic areas, thus enabling to use all available space above the installation site of the tank. A huge advantage, also considering that the system is protected by external temperature fluctuations, as the ground has constant temperature 10°.

    Mod. BTE External

    External system with flooded suction installation, complete of storage steel tank and technical room manufactured with R60 sandwich panels. This version is one-block model with external front access door.

    Mod. VPE External

    Outdoor system with flooded suction installation, complete with a storage steel tank and a technical room in
    a mono-block structure with external frontal access door. The dividing element is made of a dished end with
    reinforced supports.

    Mod. BTV External

    Vertical outdoor system complete with a storage tank and a technical room with pump compartment underneath
    the tank, with supporting structure designed in compliance with the highest safety criterias. Flooded suction
    installation type.

    Technical Room For Pumping Unit

    Compartment for the installation of all available Righetto Serbatoi pump groups, complete with R60 type sandwich panels, front door and side removable panels, if necessary.
    Designed to guarantee freedom of movement according to UNI 11292/08 norm and also ensuring the operators’ safety, according to clause 5.2.2., enabling them to work on the electric control board protected by the external environment.
    The technical compartment has a fire resistance degree R60 according to UNI EN 12845.

    Pumping Unit

    The pressurization groups are UNI EN 12845 compliant, they are installed inside our technical rooms and can be equipped with a variety of pumps, electric or endothermic engines. They are supplied pre-assembled on supporting skids, complete with the hydraulic and electric components.
    This is the main part of the system and has to guarantee the necessary capacity and pressure of water from the water tank.

    Foam System

    Besides the traditional water firefighting systems, in some case the use of an additional foam mixed with water is necessary.
    Foam is an effective fire extinguishing agent, made of water, air and foaming agent. It is particularly effective against class A fires (plastic and rubber etc.) and class B ones (flammable liquids and fuel, paints etc.).
    These systems are installed along with the usual pressurization groups, and they can be outdoor or indoor type.

    Firefighting Systems Catalogue

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